Monday, October 20, 2014

Meeting a legend

  Back in June we attended a special signing at Mostly Comics. Legendary artist Neil Adams was in town to sign autographs and tell stories. In addition to awesome runs on The Avengers and  Batman he co created the villain Ras Al Ghul and Green Lantern John Stewart. He had drawn all the famous comic book covers of my youth.

      This was the first big signing at Mostly Comics.We brought our recorder just in case we could ask him  a few questions. Mr Adams was more than happy to do that for us. He signed a Green Lantern and Green Arrow comic. He told stories about Green Arrow and working on the famous Superman Vs Muhammed Ali Comic. Such a nice guy.

  I want to give a shout out to Bev and Kim and Cheryl of Mostly Comics. They definitely had our back. When i approached Mr Adams  Kim immediatelt said  these are the guys i was telling you about. I thanked them and Bev said we were like family and gave me a hug. It was a nice moment and we appreciated it.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Allison, Scott and Ryan

 Thinking of friends today. First up I wanna say get well to our good buddy Ryan. We were  supposed to attend a new convention in London Ontario today  but Ryan became ill. Feel better my brother.

 Up next I want  to say sorry to my friends Allison and Scott. I've been a terrible friend. I have had a terrible year. One bad thing after another has happened. In addition to not blogging I haven't wanted to email anyone either. My old e mail address is gone so I'm not sure if they tried to contact me. Guys I know you read my blog in the past. If you're reading it now I'm sorry for not writing and I love you both. Please try writing  me  at--- I miss you both very much/ 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Niagara Falls Comic Con 2014.

 Hey guys. Welcome to my 6th blog of the year. How sad is that? Its been a rough year. I'd rather not get into it. Needless to say there's been a lot of moping and feeling sorry for myself. A friend of mine--Kimmy  pointed out that maybe getting back to the blog would cheer me up a little bit. I'm sure going to give it a try. I do miss it and despite the shitty things that have happened to me this  year..there were also a few happy moments as well.  Some  great moments for the pod cast actually.

  So the last time i wrote we had done our trivia night. It went over great. What happened next surprised us. After a few years of trying we finally got press passes to the Niagara Falls comic con. Our friend Alex had a lot to do with that. She had gotten us tickets to give away at our trivia night from Chris who is also one of the creators of Niagara Falls comic con. Over the years it seems he had a problem with us. Not sure why. This year Alex talked to him and we were given 2 press passes to the event. Kath was already getting in for free to help our friend Kristen with her table. Ryan and I would use the passes and hopefully get some interviews.

 If that weren't enough, we won two  tickets from Mostly Comics for  the third day of the con. We could cover two days of the three day convention.Ryan couldnt make it to the second day so we gave the extra ticket to Kimmy. She would also help on photography opportunities.

 Day one:  Because we were getting in as press we were allowed to go into the building an hour early. Ryan and I scoped out the place to see where  everyone was located. We immediately found out  that some of the celebrities were not doing any press. We were sad because we had our hearts set on a Dean Cain interview. I was happy with the interviews we got. We got to meet and talk to Dan Parent-a writer for Arche Comics and creator of Archie's first gay character Kevin Keller. He was such a nice guy. We also met the current artist on Marvels Elektra series Mike D'elmundo.

   We did an interview with a local cos player named Zombie Bit Me. We were so impressed with what she had to say that we are now trying to do cos play interviews at every con we go to. Interesting stuff.

  It was cool seeing all the friends we have made at other cons such as the ladies from Cosplay for a cure and our old buddy Alfonso and Steph and Dan from the Gce.  I love seeing people from our extended geek family.

  Ok let me get to one of the coolest moments of the day. The interview i was hoping to land was the guys from the show Comic Book Men.  As you all know I am a huge Kevin Smith fan. Walt and Brian from comic book men and have appeared in a lot of his movies. Walt even drew a couple of Kevin's Batman comic book series which i also loved. I really wanted to get an interview with any of the guys from the show. I was really nervous to speak with them but managed enough guts to walk up to Walt and another cast member Ming. They were very nice and said yes. I started to talk to Ming and Walt kind of looked pissed off. I was hoping i hadn't caused that. As soon as i started talking about actual comics he actually lit up and got talkative. Man it was a nice moment. Walt even signed one of my comics. I was so happy.

Day 2; like i said earlier this day i was helped by the lovely Kimmy. We took a lot of pics and spoke to some local talent, Limmy surprised Kath and i with a huge surprise--she got us a photo op with the comic book men! When we went into the room Ming recognized me and yelled out --JStew! It was  truly a kick ass moment.

  So a few thank yous: Thanks Chris for the passes we appreciate it. Thanks to Ryan for being a huge asset to the We Got The Geek team.Thank you Kimmy for helping us out on Day two. You are a great friend. We can't wait to check out Niagara Falls comic con next year. Truly an awesome experience for the whole team.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Trivia Night

   Well enough screwing around.back to the blog. A lot of cool stuff has happened to We Got The Geek lately. Today let me tell you about how our Geek fest trivia turned out. 

  Well  to be honest it turned out bigger and better than we ever imagined. Over 80 people showed up and raved about the event.There were a few technical glitches but now we know for next time. Yes that's right there will be a next time! The food went over great, the trivia went over great  and we  made enough cash to cover our costs and contribute to the Jace Wars charity.

 I was flying on cloud nine by the end of the night. I want to thank our crew, Kstew, Ryan, Alex, Darren and Jody. Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks for all the kind words. We'll probably  doing another event in the Fall and we can't wait to see you then.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Password password password

   Holy crap. I hadn't blogged in so long that i forgot my password. I was going to have an actual awesome blog today. I'm so exhausted from trying to retrieve my password that I think I am now going to take a break to recover. Thanks to my lovely wife Kath for helping me retrieve my password. I sure do like saying the word password. Be back later gang. At least i remember the password.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


 Hey its Easter and i just wanted to wish everyone a great holiday. Don't eat to much chocolate! Have a great day everybody,

Geek fest trivia

  Shit. I have really been slacking with the blog. I wrote once this year and that was to resolve unfinished business from last year. I feel like writing something positive.  I think I'll tell you all about a project that is taking up a lot of my time and energy--but in a good way.

  As you all know Kath and I have a pod cast called We Got The Geek. Prior to that we had been involved with a live internet show about geek related issues.  Kath and I have always wanted to put on an event of some type  to get our name out there.  We brought this up to our good friends Darren and Alex. Alex and Kath had put on some craft shows and stuff like that. Alex suggested a geek trivia night. She had been to several trivia events and they are very popular. I thought about it for a few minutes and weighed the pros and cons. I came to the conclusion that this would be a good thing. I also wanted to hold a cosplay contest. We know a lot of people who are into  dressing up as characters from movies and comic books and i have always loved seeing people dress up at the various cons we attend.

  The next day Alex had booked us a hall on April 27th and we were off to the races. We're calling it Geekfest trivia night and it also includes dinner. Lucky for us Pulp Comics, Mostly comics and sketchbook comics agreed to sell tickets for us. We've had people jump on board to donate prizes. We are so excited. We've been working on it for the last 8 weeks and it goes on a week from today. Its going to be a blast. So that's where my head has been for the last few months. I'll keep you posted on how things turn out,